I have only been living in Barcelona for three years now, and still I find its scenery interesting in a way I would never have expected before. The co-existence of old and new, catalá and castellano, the sea and the mountain, the locals and the immigrants, the daytime and the nighttime (which makes a great difference)… It seems that everything comes to this city in duos.

I have always been fascinated with the amount of people traveling all year through to Barcelona. It seems to me amazing the number of people who pass through this city and who, in my opinion, only see a part of it, the “touristic” one mostly. It is not uncommon to see streets filled with tourists, lingering through the old city´s centre, laughing and drinking and running around, trying to visit the most landmarks possible. That is only one way of looking at this city. As in all things though, there is another.

In this project I have been trying to demonstrate what it is like to walk through the streets of Barcelona, and watch the citizens’ way of moving through them. Each one in a very different way, depending on the people´s ages, their cultures, their social status. Everyday life does not change because of the massive amount of visitors, or al least even having changed, it cannot be stopped. This project is a description of that part of everyday life which is rarely looked into.

This project is a work in progress. Hopefully in a few years it will have grown to a much larger collection of images.